At Home Ready we believe customers should receive top value for their money. Our team has worked in the field of property maintenance and professional painting in Lincoln with this belief driving our work.

While ensuring value and also working to provide services inline our high standards we strive to fix even the smallest of troublesome problems around the house. Things like a door that won't close properly, a torn window screen, leaky faucets, or even hanging pictures can be problems that some can't or don't want to do themselves. We enjoy the fact that every job is different and because of this we take all sorts of odd jobs.

Home Ready is a maintenance, painting, and general handy man service in Lincoln, NE. We have worked to develop great relationships with hundreds of homeowners and businesses, and we hope that we will be able to help you next. Because with Home Ready you’ll have the piece of mind of knowing that your maintenance issues will be solved in a timely and efficient manner.